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Phospholipase for Enzyme-assisted Alkaline Refining
January 27, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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Please note the time zone for the webinar is CST (Chicago, USA; UTC-6).

This webinar expounds upon the January 2021 INFORM article "Phospholipase for enzyme-assisted alkaline refining" written by Per Munk Nielsen. Visit the More Informed page to learn more about this series.

Recent research at Novozymes reveals that their blend of enzymes Phospholipase C, named Quara Boost, can be incorporated directly into the alkaline refining process for vegetable oils (instead of being used in a separate water-degumming step). This results in significantly higher yields and preserves the final oil quality from caustic refining. The enzyme-assisted alkaline process can also yield processing savings by omitting the water degumming and centrifugation step.

Per Munk Nielsen, a senior scientist in the Novozymes Application Research department for vegetable oil processing in Denmark and Mark Bolinger, responsible for Technical and Sales supporting enzyme applications within the vegetable oil processing industry in Novozymes North America, will discuss this important research and its practical applications. The webinar will be moderated by Matt Thompson, the Novozymes regional marketing manager for vegetable oil processing in North America.


Per Munk Nielsen, Senior Scientist, Novozymes Application Research Department for Vegetable Oil Processing, Denmark, and Mark Bolinger, Technical and Sales, Novozymes, North America


Matt Thompson, Regional Marketing Manager, Novozymes, North America

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