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Olive Oil Chemistry Quality Reference Material

Olive Oil Chemistry Quality Reference Material

Sample(s) in this series
Olive Oil

Test Method and Determination
PART A    
Ca 5a-40 Free Fatty Acids           
Cd 8b-90 Peroxide Value
COI/T.20/Doc.19/Rev.5-2019 or AOCS Ch 5-91 Delta K (UV Extinction), K270, K232, K225*
COI/T.20/Doc.20/Rev.4-2017 or AOCS Ce 5b-89 Triglycerides (ECN 42)
COI/T.20/Doc.33/Rev.1-2017, ISO 12966-4:2015, AOCS Ch 2-91 or Ce 2-66 Fatty Acid Composition
ISO 29822:2009 Diacylglycerols*
ISO 29841:2009 Pyropheophytin*
COI/T.20/Doc.26/Rev.5-2020, ISO 12228-2:2014 or AOCS Ch 6-91 Sterols
COI/T.20./Doc.16/Rev.2-2017 Sterenes*
COI/T.20/Doc.11/Rev.4-2021 or AOCS Cd 26-96 Stigmastadienes
COI/T.20/Doc.28/Rev.2-2017 or AOCS Ch 8-02 Waxes
COI/T.20/Doc.23/Rev.1-2017 Contents of 2-Glycerol Monopalmitate*
COI/T.20/Doc.29/Rev.1-2017 Biphenols*

*Optional test

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Olive Oil Chemistry Quality Reference Material
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